Toronto’s Favourite Ballroom

Since the restoration of 2005, The Palais Royale has enjoyed a renaissance. The 96 year old Palais Royale is standing strong and is a vision that has combined the old and new world. A bygone era known for its elegance, style and romance has been met with contemporary leading edge state of the art form of the 21st century, giving Palais Royale the best of both worlds.

Working very closely with the Historical Board, the exterior of the building post restoration is very similar to the original 1922 architectural drawings. The interior transformation was incredibly challenging as the building was in dire need of repair. From the roof to the basement, all facets of the Palais Royale were fixed, repaired, redesigned or completely renovated and rebuilt. With an estimated cost of $3,500,000.00 a group encompassing the Pegagus Group, Borg Entertainment Group and the Dagonas Family, now known collectively at the Pegasus Hospitality Group, privately funded the renovation. Entirely revamped electrical, air conditioning, plumbing and heating systems were installed, state of the art kitchen facilities and audio visual system were built, and a new hardwood circular dance floor and reconstructed stage were installed as well as a 4000 square foot tiered outdoor deck overlooking a spectacular view of Lake Ontario.

After just over a year the renovation was completed. Colours of creams and gold blended with aged wood, and the original barrel vaulted ceiling is still alive and intact. A plush interior is adorned with contemporary art deco furnishings reminiscent of the past and state of the art visuals stimulate your senses; realizing that modern technology has found a home within the Palais Royale. The famous dance floor always a focal point sits in front of the new stage, lower and broader, exposing art deco railings and state of the art sound and lighting. Behind the stage lies the “Red Room” a VIP sanctuary in the middle of your event. The original stone fireplace is now flanked with two bars and a state of the art kitchen has been built behind the scenes. On the lower level a bridal suite / green room has been added as well as a cozy lounge and beautifully appointed marble washrooms.

The surrounding property has been completely landscaped and a new two tiered deck faces the lake front that has been host to countless wedding ceremonies since its installation.

Our current roster of events encompasses wedding ceremonies and receptions as well as same sex weddings, corporate gatherings, social affairs, bar/bat mitzvahs, high profile fundraisers and our own in house productions of Big Band Dances, just to stay nostalgic.