The Palais Royale is a fully licensed venue. We offer a full service bar and smart serve certified mixologists and flair bartenders. We offer a wide variety of bar packages and services which are tailored to suit the nature of your event.

For wedding packages, we have designed two premium full bar offerings to help simplify your choice. Please request our catering package for further details.

Host Bar (Flat Fee Package or On Consumption)
All alcoholic beverages for your particular event are paid by the host. Bar staff and all beverage garnish necessary are provided by the Palais Royale at no additional charge. A minimum bar consumption total is required prior to your event, or a service fee will apply.

Cash – Ticket Bar
You may decide to provide a cash bar for your event. Guests will purchase tickets for their beverage either by cash, debit or credit card. You can choose to offer your guests complimentary beverages with a cash /ticket bar in place by simply distributing pre-paid tickets to your guests in advance. Bar staff and all beverage garnishes are included at no additional charge.

Host / Cash – Ticket Bar
You may decide to combine the above. For example, by providing a host bar reception with wine service during dinner, followed by a cash-ticket bar service to conclude your event.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Bar
The nature of your event may have you decide to offer a non-alcoholic bar that will include unlimited juices, sparkling and spring waters, soft drinks, coffee and tea.